No Luck, Or Just Probability

It is the day after Armageddon. Well, not exactly, just the day after the $1.6B USD PowerBall lotto jackpot. The good news is, there were three winners. And I am not planning to leave my job or how to spend millions of dollars. So, I wasn’t one of the three winners.

But, one winner was from California. A state I recently lived in. So may be I might still have a dog of sort in this fight after all. What if the winner is someone I know? It is might be time to get a bit ghetto and call them up. 🙂

Luck play no role in the outcome. Though we have called it luck if we had won. What is luck anyway? There is no scientific definition or test for luck that I know of. But what if there is? Not because science has found it or proven its existence, mean it doesn’t exist.

The odds where very very low, 1 in 280 million chance of winning. So low in face, that a friend of mine said you had a better probability of getting into an accident if you left home to go buy a lotto ticket, than you had of winning said lotto. 🙂 So if you won then you must have been really luck? Assuming of course you didn’t have an accident too?

But what if you had gotten into an accident and won also? Would that have been luck too?

My $1.5B-USD PowerBall Picker

So today is a big day in the USA. It is not an holiday or anything like that. But is is still big.

Today, the PowerBall Lotto is expected to top $1.5Billion dollar jackpot. That is a lot of $. So like many others, I wade into the crazy frenzy and bought some tickets. But I decided to up it a bit.

Since I let a machine, or rather a computer algorithm pick my numbers when I got the tickets. Why not just come home and implemented some quick code that would pick number too.

From the PowerBall lotto site, on how to play. They said that they pick 5 numbers from a drum of 69 balls. And each ball is numbered. So that must be 1 to 69, since I don’t think they would include 0. Then there is a last 6th number that is from a drum of 26 balls.

Here is screenshot of my code and a run to pick 5 sets of numbers:

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 7.14.26 PM

And here is the rather “complex” code in the Groovy programming language:

// pick some number for PowerBall Lotto

// a line is 6 number, 5 numbers between 1-69 and the 6th between 1 and 26

class Line{
int[] numbers;

void draw(){
numbers = new int[6]
Random rand = new Random();

numbers[0] = rand.nextInt((69 – 1) + 1) + 1
numbers[1] = rand.nextInt((69 – 1) + 1) + 1
numbers[2] = rand.nextInt((69 – 1) + 1) + 1
numbers[3] = rand.nextInt((69 – 1) + 1) + 1
numbers[4] = rand.nextInt((69 – 1) + 1) + 1
numbers[5] = rand.nextInt((26 – 1) + 1) + 1

String toString(){
println numbers

def l = new Line()
println l
println l
println l
println l
println l





Fun Times at “The Book of Mormon”

Stacy and I went to “The Book of Mormons” play last night. I thought it was very funny. It is a musical, so you will miss a few things as it is live and without subtitle. You really can’t get everything as people are laughing and you are trying to look at the performance while trying to decipher the music too.

Fair warning, this may be offensive to those who are religiously inclined and think it is sacred ground. Some people don’t like or can’t take any form of joke about their religion. Even thought his is about The Church of Jesus Christ of Lather-day Saints, it can easily be turned on any other religion. If you see this and laugh at something that is ridiculous about what the mormons believe. You can rest assure that the same is also true in your flavor of religion.

A friend of mind said that religion is not suppose to be logical. It is just faith. I have grown to not have faith in things that I don’t see logic in. That is either good, bad, or neither.


Funny Stuff

I was reading and article on OpenStack vs CloudStack cloud platforms.  The author opens with the following:

Two years ago, comparing OpenStack and CloudStack, Robert Paulson wrote that: “Cloud computing is very much like sex in high school. Everyone’s talking about it and few people are actually doing it”.  It is 2013 and things have changed. Cloud computing moved from high school to Uni. Everyone’s doing it, but only few people are doing it in the right way (Cloudreach is amongst those few, of course).

Man Tries To Patent Godly Powers

What else can I say about this?  Nuff said.

Man Tries to Patent His “Godly Powers”

Posted by samzenpus on Wednesday June 08, @10:17AM
from the this-patent-brought-to-you-by-shampoo dept.
KWInt1601 writes “A man who believes he is Christ files a patent application — and the formal dance of responding to office actions from the USPTO begins. Invoking the 1998 State Street decision, the applicant argues, ‘like software, godly powers is a method, and affects a machine. Like business methods, godly powers produces a useful, concrete, and tangible result, and that should be all that’s needed for statutory material.'”
One of the funnies comments I have seen on this is:
“It would be freaking hilarious if they granted it, and he went around suing all the Churches…”
That would be hilarious.

Get It Done By Saturday May 21, 2011

Whatever it is that you have to do, you better get it done now.  Or, you might want to scratch that list, and just get ‘saved’ if you were planning on doing so eventually.

According to some crazy nut guy and his followers, the rapture is this Saturday, as in only two (2) more days.  When all the Christians will be taking from the Earth, and the rest of us sinners will be left to punish until October.  Something else is suppose to happen a few months after the rapture.  Unfortunately, I haven’t keeping up with my holy damnation and so on.

There is no surprise however, that someone would seize on the moment to over ‘post-rapture’ care for Fido.  For as ‘little’ of $135, you can make arrangement for the post-apocalyptic care of your pet.  Come on, you really didn’t’ think that ‘all dogs goes to heaven’, did you?  Then where would the cats and other pets go?  Besides, who would want a pet in heaven when you awe of god?

May be I am looking at this all wrong.  This could be an opportunity to make some $$$.  Who knows, I might need $$$ for protection after the apocalypse anyway.