Fun Times at “The Book of Mormon”

Stacy and I went to “The Book of Mormons” play last night. I thought it was very funny. It is a musical, so you will miss a few things as it is live and without subtitle. You really can’t get everything as people are laughing and you are trying to look at the performance while trying to decipher the music too.

Fair warning, this may be offensive to those who are religiously inclined and think it is sacred ground. Some people don’t like or can’t take any form of joke about their religion. Even thought his is about The Church of Jesus Christ of Lather-day Saints, it can easily be turned on any other religion. If you see this and laugh at something that is ridiculous about what the mormons believe. You can rest assure that the same is also true in your flavor of religion.

A friend of mind said that religion is not suppose to be logical. It is just faith. I have grown to not have faith in things that I don’t see logic in. That is either good, bad, or neither.


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