No Luck, Or Just Probability

It is the day after Armageddon. Well, not exactly, just the day after the $1.6B USD PowerBall lotto jackpot. The good news is, there were three winners. And I am not planning to leave my job or how to spend millions of dollars. So, I wasn’t one of the three winners.

But, one winner was from California. A state I recently lived in. So may be I might still have a dog of sort in this fight after all. What if the winner is someone I know? It is might be time to get a bit ghetto and call them up. 🙂

Luck play no role in the outcome. Though we have called it luck if we had won. What is luck anyway? There is no scientific definition or test for luck that I know of. But what if there is? Not because science has found it or proven its existence, mean it doesn’t exist.

The odds where very very low, 1 in 280 million chance of winning. So low in face, that a friend of mine said you had a better probability of getting into an accident if you left home to go buy a lotto ticket, than you had of winning said lotto. 🙂 So if you won then you must have been really luck? Assuming of course you didn’t have an accident too?

But what if you had gotten into an accident and won also? Would that have been luck too?

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