Gotta See – Model Airport of Hamburg Germany to the Finest Details, at a Cost of Over $4 Mil.

I saw this story at Gizmodo and you have to check out the video on YouTube (link in the story) at least.  If you want to know how they did, then you can read the story.  But trust me, this is very very impressive.  I can’t say anything more than go check it out for sure.

As you watch the video, at first, it is hard to believe that is a model with working lights and so on.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention.   There are also some other things that are possible with this model that are not shown in the video.  You get those juicy bits from reading the article.

Close Call – For Long Separated Bother and Sister

George and Sara Bentley almost got it ‘on’.   They meet though an online dating site and decided to go out.  Just before things heat up though, fortunately or at least that is what they are saying, they realized they are siblings.  The two were separated years ago.

That is why you need to know your family, extended family, and just to be safe–run a background check and DNA test.

Carbon : Very Strong Atom

So Earth day is coming up and Robert Krulwich over at Krulwich Wonders have this mini-series of video on the good old Carbon atom.  Trust me, these isn’t any there about the pros vs cons of Global Warming.  Just some short entertaining and educational videos about the Carbon atom.  Highly recommended, go check it out.  I think it will eventually about four(4) videos, as of today, there are there (3).