Get It Done By Saturday May 21, 2011

Whatever it is that you have to do, you better get it done now.  Or, you might want to scratch that list, and just get ‘saved’ if you were planning on doing so eventually.

According to some crazy nut guy and his followers, the rapture is this Saturday, as in only two (2) more days.  When all the Christians will be taking from the Earth, and the rest of us sinners will be left to punish until October.  Something else is suppose to happen a few months after the rapture.  Unfortunately, I haven’t keeping up with my holy damnation and so on.

There is no surprise however, that someone would seize on the moment to over ‘post-rapture’ care for Fido.  For as ‘little’ of $135, you can make arrangement for the post-apocalyptic care of your pet.  Come on, you really didn’t’ think that ‘all dogs goes to heaven’, did you?  Then where would the cats and other pets go?  Besides, who would want a pet in heaven when you awe of god?

May be I am looking at this all wrong.  This could be an opportunity to make some $$$.  Who knows, I might need $$$ for protection after the apocalypse anyway.

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