A Taste of C

The C programming language was one of the first computer language I learnt. As a matter of fact, it was precisely the send language. My high school offered Pascal programming, and I was taking that. When my my physics teacher at the time, suggested my friend and I learn C. Our teacher was doing his master at the time and said that C is more useful and the future. I am glad I did.

C programming opened a lot of doors for me. Even though I was an electrical engineering student, I still programmed a lot in C. Then I graduated from collected and my first job was as a software engineer. C was a large part of most of the things I did in those early eight years.

I eventually added other languages too, C++, Assembly, Perl, shell scripting, Tcl/tk, Basic and others I don’t remember at different times. C was my constant companion. It has been years now since I wrote any C code. Going on to a solid 3 years without any need to write C. The desire was there, but no work or project.

Until today. A buddy called me and asked if I would explain how functions worked to his daughter. She was in college and taking C. Well, that is surprising, because I thought they stopped teaching C in colleges. Opting mostly for Java and Python. Well, I slipped into coding again like wearing your old favorite pants.

I loved every minute of it. I was having so much fun. That I think I started helping too much on the assign. I eventually got kicked off when my buddy told me that he only wanted me to work on one, and that go out anyway. 🙁 I was having so much fun.

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