Don’t Know

My company is growing quickly and looking for great talent to do so. I have been helping out with interviews. Two things stood out recently that I don’t like. The two things stems from one thing. Not knowing.

Don’t Know – Looking It Up

I have people who didn’t know how to answer questions on the phone interview, look it up or tried to at lease. I can hear them in the background furiously typing as they either silently stalled for words or use fillers as they search. If a person knew something, but forgot, it is very clear from their response. Versus someone who doesn’t know, but is trying to look it up. When they find what they are looking for, they try to regurgitate what they just, and it doesn’t make sense to them nor you. And they soon figure that out and just give up.

Don’t Know – Let Me Interrupt

The other kind of person is the most annoying to me. The first type try to trick you, but if they can’t figure out or find he answer, they will eventually come clean. The one tells you up front they don’t know. But soon as you start explaining. Suddenly they know, and must interrupt you. Of course, they still don’t know, but insist on interrupting. Then goes of an tangent. Instead of staying quiet to hear what you have to say and then ask questions or make suggestions as in any normal conversation. They don’t do that. They feel the need to jump ahead of your conclusion. Always interrupting to finish your sentences.

I just don’t get either of these people. If you don’t know, you don’t know. No one knows everything. I guess it irks me because I don’t know why it isn’t apparent that they are not fooling anyone.

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