I am back, again!!!

After a very very long hiatus, I am back. I will, again, try to post more often. To do that, the post will be much shorter and kind of random.

My motivation to getting back to the blog is quite simply. If I want to get better at writing, I have to write more. It is really that simple.

I have been thinking a lot for a long time, may be a good decade or more, about writing a book. Yes, a book. Even if it is a short story. But I never get around to doing so. Instead, I have all my ideas in my head. Sometimes, I would would jot things down or start to write something, but nothing fleshed out.

But how will this blog fix that?

Well, simple. If I start writing more, even a little bit. Eventually, that I can start writing about my ideas as I get them. And I will have a place to job down a bit here and there, even it I don’t have time to sit down to writing say an entire chapter.  From these pages, I can pluck my short story. Since I won’t have to worry about finding the time to write it all coherently or even sequentially. I can choose to write any part of any story and even change it completely.

So that is that plan. Write often, write about anything, and even if it is short.

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