In Human++ post, I ended with this idea that has been playing in my head since hearings those stories.

Let me start by asking a question. Imagine a time when the technology for prosthesis, artificial jaw, eye implant, etc. are widely available to the general public? Today, that technology is expensive, an so your insurance company  will only pay for it if it is absolutely necessary. Even then, they may still give you a hard time. But if getting some “enhancement” actually made you cheaper to insure, then the insurance companies will definitely go for that.

So imagine that time. Now what might be happening is such an environment? Or on the cusp of that time? I imagine that there could be friction between people who don’t believe in enhancing the human body and those who are all for bioengineering advancement.

From those set of questions was born the idea of a book. Well, I have had many book ideas before and even started writing. The challenge is always in the organization. Trying to write thing coherently and a story line that seems to make sense is not a non-trivial task. The difference now however, is that I don’t want to attempt that. I will instead write a bit at a time as I get the inspiration and even if I want to change the story, I will do that. Since it will all be documented here, if I want a complete story, I can pull together the pieces I that fit the story I see at that time.

Because I will be free from the pressure of organization, I can instead be more creative. The first installment of my book idea for “Cusp, Dawn of the Human++” will be posted very soon.

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