Passenger Bill Of Rights

It is not quite a “Passenger Bill Of Rights” yet, but I was very pleased to read in one of the Guyana online newspaper that the Tourism Ministry will be proposing a set of guidelines for Taxi operators.  The guidelines includes such things as not being rude to passengers. Who knew that was something taxi and minibus drivers had to be taught.

This effort is several decades too late, but I am glad to see that they are make progress. Another proposal by the Tourism Ministry is a blacklist for operators who don’t follow the rules.  As a potential tourist destination, the ministry needs to take several steps which to show visitors and transportation operators that safe and proper rules must be followed.

It wasn’t so long ago, that I had proposed to a friend of mine working at the Ministry of Tourism, that they have a passenger’s bill of right.  I have not traveled to all the States within the USA, but most of the ones I have visited, have  passenger bill of rights. It is posted at the back of the front seat so that passengers can easily see how they should be treated and what is expected of their driver.

Recently, I have suggested to said friend the the Tourism Ministry needs a way to measure the experience of visitors.  The goal of the idea was far bigger than that, or the one agency.  But the gist of it was that people should be able to say how a service or experience was.  This let’s you know what and where to improve if necessary, and can tell you the people who participated in an activity views it.

If Guyana wants to give visitors and the people living there the kind of quality of live they deserve, then it needs to include news ways of getting the pulse of the people. To see what they want and how best to make that happen.

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