Where To Complain?

Sometimes, not being able to do very simple, or what you think is simple, things can be very frustrating.  Making you want to pull your hair out or shake someone.  For example, you might want to pay your bill online or register for classes. But some silly policy gets in your way, and wonder why would anyone conceive of this process.

I have been witness to many a inefficient processes and procedures, and I usually vent by writing or telling someone else.  But, I had once used the first incarnation of Lorrev-dot-org as my place to vent and other to vent should they want to. I have been thinking lately of a new spin on that very old idea, a place to vent when you are frustrated by what would seem rather simply and straight forward things.

Quite recently, I was reading my FaceBook wall, and a friend was venting their frustration at having to take the same on documentation (proof of address, etc.) to the University of Guyana for the new semester registration.  The problem was, nothing has changed, they never said anything changed, yet they are going thought this process as if this is the first time they are registering.

The problem here is this, even if you know that is what you need every semester for registration. It just seems to be a waste of time on both the part of University of Guyana and the students, since should by now have a way to just bring up your information and ask you if anything change. If you say “no”, use that as current and move along.  But that is not what they do, and it just doesn’t seem like it should be. The solution doesn’t seem that complex to pull off at a university with Computer Science department.

I totally get wanting to vent if you have to go thought this or similar experiences. So I was thinking, again, yet another idea of a website where people can come put their grievances and other can pile on.  Adding comments, pictures, video, or whatever. The intent of the site won’t be like change.org. There are a few “let’s start a petition” or “let’s start a movement” type website. This won’t be anything like that, in my mind. It is just a place to complain on issues for which you have similar experiences or sympathy.

Why not use a site like FB? Saying that not everyone has a FB account, would be true, but not a valid enough reason. I like to think that the purpose of this site and what FB is in general are quite different.

May be I will have sometime to mock-up a simply site to see if it makes sense.  May be a I will use that for my ranting and vents instead of putting them here. My first entry would probably be buying food early in the day at a restaurant and felling like it was from the day before.


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