AIDS – Is There Finally A Way To Curb The Spread?

Here is this bit of tantalizing bit of news: “U.S. Mulls Implications Of Early Use Of HIV Drugs To Stop AIDS Spread’. Not that is tantalizing, won’t you say?

Finally, it looks like there is a way to get a handle of the AIDS epidemic.  The idea being, that early clinical trials have shown that people with AIDS, if given some new drug while their immune system is still good.  Will not spread the virus to another person.

So the obvious thing to do is, give this new cocktail or whatever it is, to everyone (almost) who currently has AIDS.  That way, they won’t (the reasonably healthy ones, won’t infect others.  They by stopping the spread, or drastically reducing the spread.  I guess with some more testing and debates, we shall see.

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