I hear about the fighting in Libya and of course the USA participation in the UN resolution.  However, I haven’t seen much on TV about what is happening there.  The following images changed that for me.

I went thought them partly to know what is going on there and to face the fact of what war is, regardless of the intent.  I know war is bloody and ugly, but sometimes I forget because I don’t what a lot of TV.  Not that TV is showing much of what is going on in any of our wars.  I also wanted to see pics to remind myself of how much better my life is, even if I am stuck behind a desk and computer screen all day.

It really is sad that a few people in this world can may the lives of so many quite miserable.  The suffering humans experience at the hand of other humans, is right up there with the worst nature sometime causes.

View at your own discretion.

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