Something Old, And Something New

If you are a web developer, there are many new technologies almost every few weeks coming at you. But here is one I am really excited about, one that has been around for a few months, but I only heard of it in the past few week.  It is only this week I have some time to start playing with some of it. Single-Page-Web-Application.

If you have used GMail and some of Google many web apps, those are examples of Single-Page-Web apps.  The underling technologies behind the new frameworks to support these types of apps are not surprising very old.  Your good old friend Javascript, HTML, and CSS.  The old work horse of the Internet.

But take a look at how they have been re-spun, as frameworks like Ember JS, HandleBars, Mustache, Backbone JS, Spine JS, Angular JS, and many many many many more.  After a bit of research, I decided that I will play with HandleBars, Foundation JS, and Ember for now.  I will be sure to write about my experience. And if things goes swimmingly, I might have an app to show for it too.