Something Old, And Something New

If you are a web developer, there are many new technologies almost every few weeks coming at you. But here is one I am really excited about, one that has been around for a few months, but I only heard of it in the past few week.  It is only this week I have some time to start playing with some of it. Single-Page-Web-Application.

If you have used GMail and some of Google many web apps, those are examples of Single-Page-Web apps.  The underling technologies behind the new frameworks to support these types of apps are not surprising very old.  Your good old friend Javascript, HTML, and CSS.  The old work horse of the Internet.

But take a look at how they have been re-spun, as frameworks like Ember JS, HandleBars, Mustache, Backbone JS, Spine JS, Angular JS, and many many many many more.  After a bit of research, I decided that I will play with HandleBars, Foundation JS, and Ember for now.  I will be sure to write about my experience. And if things goes swimmingly, I might have an app to show for it too.

Are We Cosmicly Significant or Insignificant?

Basically, are we special? Do we matter?  Is our existence essential to the existence of the Universe?  I don’t and neither does anyone I know of know?  But that doesn’t stop me from thinking about it and other from thinking and writing too.

There are many people throughout on our planet who are pondering this very question at the moment in some form. Be it religious or not. And there have been many who have thought about it for ages gone by.
This article at NPR is no different and a nice little read to get you pondering too.

Too Safe for Play – Play Grounds

Is there anything such as a too safe play ground?  Possibly no if you are anywhere but the USA.  If you are in the USA, yes, there are too safe playground.  This NY Times article is about just that, playgrounds that are too safe.

Here in the good old USA, we don’t like law-suits, so we must protect our kids from any and all possible harm.  Both seen and unseen by the way.

New Zealand Airline – Bare Essential

I am one of the many people this New Zealand Airline safety video is targeting.  We have flown so often, and really don’t see anything new looking at the safety video.  But hold onto your shorts, if you don’t look at this one, you just might be missing something.

But after looking at this one, they will just have a to a bit further to keep me watching.

What is infinity?

That is a really hard question and people have spent their lives studying and thinking of this.  And guess what?  They are no closer to an answer than when they started out.

But there are some very insightful things about infinity that really make this world and our idea of existence interesting, to me anyway.   Here is a brief-ish introduction of infinity from Gizmodo.  They do a really good job of presenting the problems that infinity presents.  That is, once you start thinking of it too much, you might very well go mad or get a splitting headache.  Never mind though, you can read their introduction, even if you think know what infinity it, there is some really good information and illustrative examples of different kinds of infinities.

Yes, you read that correctly.  There are different types of infinities.  Infinity by itself is trouble enough.  Infinity-of-infinities is well, infinitely more troublesome.  Hence, why I believe that infinite as an idea is fine, but in any practical sense is just a figment of our imagination, if we are real.  If infinity is real, if the universe is indeed infinite, then we are not real, but rather a simulation, hence making it possibly to render an infinite entity (timeline, number, world, etc.).  In a simulation, I can driver forever, if that simulation is given enough rules to generate more road and artifacts.

So that is my crazy idea, we are a simulation if there are infinite anything.

Man Tries To Patent Godly Powers

What else can I say about this?  Nuff said.

Man Tries to Patent His “Godly Powers”

Posted by samzenpus on Wednesday June 08, @10:17AM
from the this-patent-brought-to-you-by-shampoo dept.
KWInt1601 writes “A man who believes he is Christ files a patent application — and the formal dance of responding to office actions from the USPTO begins. Invoking the 1998 State Street decision, the applicant argues, ‘like software, godly powers is a method, and affects a machine. Like business methods, godly powers produces a useful, concrete, and tangible result, and that should be all that’s needed for statutory material.'”
One of the funnies comments I have seen on this is:
“It would be freaking hilarious if they granted it, and he went around suing all the Churches…”
That would be hilarious.