Coconut Bakes

Yesterday I made Coconut Bakes for breakfast. They came out great.  Bakes are a West Indian dish, which is either fried or oven baked or pat roasted flour dough. Well, that is putting it simply. Of course it is not just flour dough, but also baking power, sugar, and salt. Once you have some bakes, you can eat them with fried saltfish usually, but cheese works too.

For Coconut bakes, I used coconut of course. The coconut was grated, then some was put in the mix, along with some butter, and some of the coconut squeezed with water to get coconut milk. I figured using coconut milk to mix instead of water, would give a richer tastes. Yesterday was the first time I made Coconut Bakes. But I have been making bakes since I was about ten years old.

Cooking and baking is nothing new. If I like to each a Guyanese dish, I usually learn to make it. Besides, living away from my mom and sister who would happily make such dishes, could do that to a person. If they are willing, that is.

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