In a Rut

I feel like I am stuck in a rut. I won’t get into details to possibly bore my other self who will read this one day. But right now, things could be very stressful and you didn’t know how to laugh.

Trying to get a house in NC. Dealing with the builder haven’t been the hard part. Getting the loan has been trying, to put it mildly. With my income, credit history, and never had a late payment on my rent, etc. I am almost the perfect person for credit. Taking into account that moving from Cali to NC would reduce just about everything we have to pay for. So again, we will have even more cash available.

Why is the loan process not being managed by humans? Well, it doesn’t feel like it is humans who are making the decisions. We are having so many issues to get a¬†loan. I feel like I am stuck, in a rut so to speak.