Cusp : In Town – 01

Mark picked his way along a side street. He hated coming down to the city these days. It seems like every time he came, there were more new shops for Cyborgs. He mostly walked with his head down. Not wanted to see the stores or the people with who showed off their flavor of augmentation.

As he approached the corner, he heard the distinctive buzz and whirr of mechanical legs from the cross street. His anxiety raised with each step. He slowed his paced, like was he expected someone to jump out at him. As if around that corner lied in wait an hungry lion. He stopped just before the corner, and listened, as the buzz and whirr got louder.

Mark waited tensely. Soon a woman turned the corner and walked passed him. She greeted hime warmly. But he didn’t make eye contact and grumbled “freak”. In return she calmly said “idiot”. She must have been used to these kinds of insults.

His thoughts returned to how much he hated this place now. What it was becoming. How the Puritans were being pushed out, they were losing more and more of what they loved. This was is home. He lived with his mom in a small two-bedroom house on the edge of town. He used to love coming down here to meet here.

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