Learning Learning Learning

Before I can master one thing, I am off to something else.  Usually, that is my doing if I can’t find something big enough to keep me pursuing a new technology.  For example, I love the language Google Go.  But, I have been able to find a project big enough for me to do anything other than just play with it a bit, get excited about how cool and different it is, put it away for a bit, and then come back to refresh.

But now, just as I was settling into learning and really getting good with Single-Web Applications (using Ember JS, Foundation CSS, and HandleBars) and my other nice web-development application WaveMaker.  I get pulled off by my tasks at work to learn and master Python, Django, and OpenStack.  All of them, except Django, I had learn a bit about earlier, but didn’t really have anything I can do with them besides playing around.  I don’t have enough computers to deploy a meaningful private Cloud.  And while I spend a few days before going to my current company learning Python, that too I had to put away because I didn’t or couldn’t find a real use for.

Fortunately, things are going quickly due to my previous brushes with the language.  So while I am lamenting not being able to focus on WaveMaker, Ember JS, et.al.  I am glad to be working on things that I had tried and found interesting. I still intend to get back to the other things.

I almost forgot another old friend I started messing with this weekend, Android.  I haven’t had anything to do in Android for about a year or more now.  But a buddy of mine asked me to help me with some Android work, so back into that pot too I go. Again, glad to see Android tooling have improved quite a bit and with the new Android Studio looking very promising, this should be fun.

Frankly, I am glad we will be focusing on the latest devices, freeing us to use the more beautiful UI and features.  Trying to write apps that works well on new and old platforms, while still taking advantage of the new one is a bit of a pain in Android.  The support library helps, but the coding is not the same.

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