Rapsodeus 2013 – The Light

I was watching a video on YouTube looking for Italians vs. Europeans and then I stumbled upon another video by the same author called Rapsodeus 2013.  What is interesting I think about this video, is that I can’t rally describe what it, but I know what kinds of idea I have in my head as I watch it.

I don’t want to bias you in anyway if you are going to watch the video. So if you are going to watch, which I recommend you do. Then stop here, watch the video and come back.

Okay, so what were you thinking as you watch the video? Any different before you started watching it or just, what the hell is this?  🙂  Well, here is what I was thinking and I am curious if anyone else had similar ideas as they watched it.

One of the things that fascinated me, was how these simple creatures seems so content, but a little sad, in their cages, then became so violent. They got taken in by an object, and for us it could just be a light. But what is it really? I can’t say I know and I don’t think they know either. But yet, they are committed to getting their hand on it.  As a result, things quickly goes from peaceful to chaotic.

Whether the need to capture the light spurred new inventions or existing technologies were adapted to pursue the light, we don’t know. But the two ideas are probably interwoven there.

For what purpose do they want the light  Did they know about the light before?  It looks like it was introduced.  They looked very surprised when it was first introduced, but I can’t prove that.  So there is this idea of desirability of something unknown at all cost.

Then I wondering if this an analogy of the human pursuit. Whatever that pursuit is, religion, science, spirituality, peace, etc.  If we had the perspective to step back, would we too, see that we are chasing something that is just strung out before us. Never to lay our hands on it, yet generations after generations, we try. So this quest we are on, this pursuit, it seems like we were trust into it.  Not having have any memory of our choice or initial role in it. Just that we are here, eventually achieve consciousness  and off we go or may be we are going before we even realize it.

If there is a goal to this pursuit, what is it?  To what are we progressing, if we are at all progressing.  Or are we just decaying into chaos?

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