Would We Ever Meet Aliens

There is this point on Slashdot, I have pasted it below.  The think is, the more I think about it, the more I think there is a point to what Paul Tyma says.  An ant to us is really not that interesting, though people do study them.  But is the ant aware of whatever interest we have in it?  But even so, most of us don’t care.  A really advance specie might just see us the same way. Or the future us might just see going to some primitive civilization the same way.

In another post, Physicist Steven Hawkins said that a meeting between us and any advance specie would surely not be good for us. So regardless of which path you consider, either you will be wiped out or not meet.

So much for meeting an alien.

Why We’ll Never Meet Aliens

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iggychaos writes “The idea that aliens will come visit us is fundamentally flawed. Paul Tyma ponders the technology that would be required for such an event and examines how evolution of that technology would preclude any reason to actually make the trip. He writes, ‘Twenty years ago if I asked you how many feet were in a mile (and you didn’t know) you could go to a library and look it up. Ten years ago, you could go to a computer and google it. Today, you can literally ask your phone. It’s not a stretch at all with the advent of wearable computing that coming soon – I can ask you that question and you’ll instantly answer. … How would you change if you had instant brain-level access to all information. How would you change if you were twice as smart as you are now. How about ten times as smart? (Don’t answer, truth is, you’re not smart enough to know). Now, let’s leap ahead and think about what that looks like in 100 years. Or 1000. Or whenever it is you’ll think we’d have the technology to travel to another solar system. We’d be a scant remnant of what a human looks like today. … The question of why aliens might ‘want to come here’ is probably fundamentally flawed because we are forming that question from our current (tiny) viewpoint. The word ‘want’ might not apply at all to someone 1000 times smarter than us.”

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