Week 16

I tried to deploy RedHat’s RDO OpenStack distribution over the weekend. It was very easy to install, but I had some problems with the network configuration.  I have a two servers, one is newer than the  other.  The newest one is a 16-GB RAM with Quad-cores HT (8-cores total), and 2 x 150GB SATA HD.  The other is a bit older and tops out at about 4-GB RAM, single core-HT, and 1 x 150GB HD and a 250GB HD.

I had first deployed the RDO “allinone” option on the newest server, but realized that this is be my Nova-Compute node.  But since I still had a few server apps on the other computer which I couldn’t just remove, I had to find some way of moving them to the new computer. Then installing the “allinone” on that slower computer, not a problem since that would only be really be used as the Controller.  Then I can add more nodes, first a better computer node using the newer server.

Unfortunately, moving the services from the existing server is a pain and slow.  I am trying to move a physical server into a VM on the newer computer where I have installed KVM and libvirt.

At first, everything was going well. Until I did something and now it is not working reliably.  Now I have something else to look forward to fixing during the week after work.

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