Apple Wants To Approve Free Giveaways

Yes, you read that correctly.  Apple, the company behind iPod, iPad, iArm (not a real product, yet), iPhone, etc.  Has issued a doc stating that anyone wishing to give a free iPads for example, in lots of 250 or more.  Must get approval from Apple.  Image that?

Assume I wanted to buy every student in my old high school an iPad.  That is more than 250 students.  I will need to contact Apple first, even though I am paying for the devices and in noway using a discount from Apple.

Fortunately, I am a nut case and don’t support Apple by using any of its products.  I found this story here:

Apple Nixes iPad Giveaways

Posted by samzenpus on Wednesday June 01, @07:34PM
from the too-good-for-free dept.
KingSkippus writes “According to a story at CNN, Apple has begun enforcing third party promotion guidelines (PDF) that, among other things, restricts organizations from giving away iPads, using the word ‘free’ to describe any Apple products in a prominent manner, or promoting giveaways of iPod Touches in lots of less than 250 and with Apple’s explicit approval.”

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