Bees Are Democratic And Better Politicians Than Humans

One thing we have in the US Congress, is the idea of a “filerbuster“.  You can read that for yourself, but here is a key part of it, “it is the right of an individual to extend debate, allowing a lone member to delay or entirely prevent a vote on a given proposal”.

So what about it?  It means quite simply, that regardless of how good, or even great, a bill is.  It can be stopped cold by a bull-headed, determined, misguided, passionate, … and so on individual.  That sucks, and it is frankly, stupid to have such a procedure.  Why would we allow such a silly thing that could derail a good bill?

So it was interesting to me, to listen to this story about how bees vote.   When deciding on where to build a new home, the bees involved in that process vote on their choice.  No one bee can hijack the voting no matter how passionate it is about a new home choice.  Amazingly, the simply solution to prevent any one bee from showing too much passion, limit how long they can vote.

Imagine that?  Just limit how long a person can make an argument and you don’t have to worry about the best orator, the most passionate, or  the person with the most stamina monipolizing the ‘floor’.  This is not a surprising solution, since we have term limits for the exact same reasons.  Just surprising we don’t apply a working pattern in other places.

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