Too Cheap To Fly

My wife’s father used to tell them, “good thing isn’t cheap, and cheap thing isn’t good”.

My buddy sent an email about a new Airline (RedJet: with flight within the Caribbean for as little as $9.99USD.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love flying and was never afraid to fly.  But if someone will put me on a flight for more than 10 minutes, and charge me only $10US.  I am gonna think very hard about dat.

I have decided, ah think I aint gonna fly.

That is why I don’t eat cheap fast food like McDonald.  The economics just doesn’t make sense.  $.99 for a burger, which includes; bun, meat, lettuce, tomatoes, human labor to server it, transportation cost, raising and slaughtering the cow, and profits.   All this, I am getting for $.99 or even $2.99.  I just figured that I am eating crap for that price.

So I checked it out and some flights were $39.99 between Jamaica and Trinidad.  I still think that’s too cheap.  With a full flight, of about 130 seats, that is only $5,000.00UD for aircraft, crew, booking agents, fuel, etc.  Seems to be cutting the bone just too close.

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