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I have been learning a number of different things lately, and getting a ton of ideas too.  I am taking several free-online-video-classes from several Universities at Udacity and Coursera.  One of my absolutely favorite courses at the moment is, “Interactive 3D Graphics” at Udacity.

I am a newbie to programming in the 3D graphics and rendering scene. But I have always had an interest in learning and even creating in this space.  Years ago I spend some time playing around with the 3D modeling application Blender and what was at the time Google SketchUp.  The wife and I even did some home designing for what one of our future home might look like in home design software.

These day however, I would like to really understand the technology and be able to use it later to better design or at least think how some of my ideas might be realized.  A very long time ago, I had this fantasy of designing a new city in Guyana. A brand new city, somewhere on higher grounds.  What would that look like? What would I put there?  Well, I don’t know all the answers yet, but I have some idea.

But recently, I have been thinking of an upgrade to Georgetown.  So one of my crazy ideas lately is to start a project and invite other to contribute on what an revamped Georgetown Guyana would look like.

Not just some imagined new city, but an imagined new Georgetown, keeping in place many of the landmarks and traditional building.  The city MUST look like Georgetown, but still not like the current Georgetown.  For example, Seabrook Market must be there, and so must the Court House, but the space in front of the market, that I want to be green, with benches, fountains, and possibly little or now motor vehicles (bigger than motorcycles). A new Georgetown that was modern, sophisticated, allowed for many public places with benches, fountains, sculptures, etc. It would be nice to have a boardwalk too.

I know I don’t have all the tools and even the know how, to pull off such a 3D project. But that would be awesome if it could be done with a few people.

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Now that I have reactivated the blog, I really do intend to keep it going.  I had really slacked off there, and it wasn’t for a lack of material. No, simply laziness.  I love this form of sharing and I will be dedicated to updating it with cool stuff.