For The People – Senate Blocks Bill Repealing $2B In Oil Tax Breaks

I can only thing that the Senate did this for us, the people.  Really?  They block a bill repealing $2B in Oil tax breaks?   At a time when they  squabble over 30B in social and educational program, they have the nerves to block this bill.  $2B would help, especially when the oil companies are pulling in some serious profits and we are stuck with $4 a gallon for gas.  Talk about fiscal responsibility.  I don’t see how these guys have a moral leg to stand on.  I don’t know how they look at themselves in the mirror.

Black Women Are Less Attractive – Says Psychologist

Why don’t some people get that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?  An evolutionary psychologist caused a bit of a stir, to put it lightly, by saying that black women are less attractive than other women, due in part to them having more male hermone than other women.  Apparently, blacks in general, have higher level of testosterone than the other ethic groups.

You can find more details of the story is here, check it out if you like.  Let me cause a bit of a stir by asking what do psychologist do anyway?  What value do they add to our society?  🙂  Just kidding.

A Scientific Look At Why Certains Bugs Us

I heard this story on NPR about a book which examines some reasons why certain things bugs us.  Like a buzzing sound of a mosquito around our head, finger on a chalk board, hearing one side of a phone conversation, etc.

There are some simply things that annoy me too, but no need to let anyone know just how weird I am.  So I won’t say anything about my annoyances.  🙂

Filtered Bubble – Your View Of The World

It may never have occurred to you, that your web experience is being tailored to your views.  This might not bother some people, but I find it a bit troubling.  That might sound like a good thing at first, but if you consider that information that you might not like, but would still rather be expose to is being filtered out before you have the chance to decided if you want to see it or not.

This is the filtered bubble that is your internet experience.  This TED talk gives a really good idea of what and why this is happening.  I have long believed that we are further apart on political and social issues, there is a greater divide, because we have many news outlets (radio, tv, and print media), that are producing content to suit a certain segment of consumers.  Thereby, not providing truly balanced or diverse pieces.  This has the effect of consumer only tuning to outlets that pander to the views they already hold.

Do check out that video, it is pretty interesting.

What The Hell Is Planking?

I should be more sadden by this story of some guy dying from ‘planking‘.  But I am more alarmed that people are doing some crazy thing just for a few minutes of fame on the Internet, be it YouTube or FaceBook.

I wasn’t aware there was something called ‘planking’ and that this was some new craze.  What the hell is wrong with young people today?

Protect Your Computer and Mobile Devices With ‘Prey’

Today’s computing devices (mobile/smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) are very valuable to us.  It is not only the cost of acquiring it, but the addition of all the personal information we have on it.

What if it was stolen?  How would you recover it?  Or wipe it clean of your personal information remotely?

That is why I am using ‘Prey‘.  Prey has many features, but all are designed for you to be able to track, monitor, wipe, and/or possible help you recover your stolen/lost computing device.  Check out the ‘how it works’ video on the site.  It is not the only software of that type, but it is one of the best and easiest I have found so far.

Worst Allergy Seaon?

Apparently it is.  If you are experiencing allergies for the first time or your allergies are worst than usual.  Then it could be because of this is one of the worst allergy seasons.  Due in part to very rain to wash away the pollen.

I personally know several individuals who are having worst allergies this season or feeling allergy symptoms but don’t usually trouble from allergies.   I too have allergies that are worst this time of the year, but strangely, they haven’t been that bad.  But my allergies are strange to begin with, and have nothing to do with pollen.